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This picture has Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” practicing MMA at a dojo. In jiu jitsu you end up in some really weird positions. Some of the positions, like the above, look kind’ave gay. These two renowned MMA fighters look like they are hugging each other, that’s why they are probably smiling. If you don’t keep up with MMA you probably don’t know who these guys are. They were students of the Chute Boxe Academy, a muay thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Curitiba, Brazil.

Shogun and Wand both used to fight in Pride FC, a mixed martial arts organization that existed between 1997-2007. Since then Pride FC has merged with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The main differences between Pride and UFC is that Pride does not allow elbow strikes but allows pile diving an opponent’s head or striking and stomping of a downed opponent. UFC allows elbow strikes but does not allow pile driving or striking/stomping of a downed opponent. Here are Wand’s and Shogun’s former Pride FC records, they where both the sports betting favorite:

Wanderlei Silva

Middleweight champion (PrideFC 2001-2007); middleweight Grand Prix Winner (PrideFC 2003); light heavyweight champion (IVC 1999) 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)

Mauricio Rua

Middleweight Grand Prix winner (PrideFC 2005) 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st); light heavyweight champion (UFC 2010) 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)

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